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Thursday, September 8, 2011

KVPY Questions & Solutions

Here, we brings you some useful resources for students who are preparing for KVPY exam.
Here we have the questions & solutions of KVPY stream SA & SB / SX of year 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010. 
Here are KVPY questions papers of some year & it's answer key with solutions.
stream SA : Students enrolled in class XI in the current year

Questions of STREAM SA

KVPY Question Paper (year)  Answers key with Solutions

KVPY SA Question Paper 2007

      KVPY SA Solutions 2007

KVPY SA Question Paper 2008

      KVPY SA Solutions 2008

KVPY SA Question Paper 2009

      KVPY SA Solutions 2009

KVPY SA Question Paper 2010
Part 1
Part 2

      KVPY SA Solutions 2010

Stream SX : Students enrolled in class XII in the current year
Stream SB : Students enrolled in 1st year B. Sc./B.S./Int. M.Sc in the current year

Questions of STREAM SB/SX
KVPY Question Paper (year)  Answers key with Solutions

KVPY SB/SX Question Paper 2007

     KVPY SB/SX Solutions 2007

KVPY SB/SX Question Paper 2008

     KVPY SB/SX Solutions 2008

KVPY SB/SX Question Paper 2009

     KVPY SB/SX Solutions 2009

KVPY SA Question Paper 2010

     KVPY SB/SX Solutions 2010


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  9. are some of the answers wrong?

  10. Thanks for this brilliant last minute help. Nowhere else could I find the solutions and the previous five years papers. Thank you so damn much.

  11. Guys I found the KVPY Answer Key 2013 with more correct options here..check out

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