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Thursday, May 10, 2012

IISER Science Aptitude test 2011 question paper

Here is the question paper of IISER 2011 Science Aptitude Test for the admission of five IISERs across India.
This question paper is also available in as the model question paper.
In fact this model question paper is the original question paper of 2011 IISER Aptitude exam.

Click here to download

IISER aptitude test 2012 Cut off mark for central and various state boards

Here is the cut off mark of various state boards & central board for appearing for IISER aptitude exam which is the be held 14th July 2012.

Cut-off for 2011/2012

Cut-off marks percentage# for various boards
Those candidates passing Class XII in 2012 and who are recepients of the eligibility note from the school board for DST Inspire fellowship may also apply. Cut-off in this table does not apply to such students.
Board Class 12 %
Andhra Pradesh 96.20
Assam 79.40
Bihar 72.80
Chhattisgarh 81.20
Goa 84.00
Gujarat 84.77
Haryana 88.00
Himachal Pradesh 80.40
Jammu & Kashmir 85.20
Jharkhand 61.80
Karnataka 88.33
Kerala 94.00
Madhya Pradesh 82.20
Maharashtra 83.33
Manipur 78.40
Meghalaya 70.20
Mizoram 70.40
Nagaland 68.66
Orissa 75.60
Punjab 82.50
Rajasthan 81.85
Tamil Nadu 95.50
Tripura 69.20
Uttar Pradesh 77.00
Uttarakhand 71.20
West Bengal 80.40
CBSE 93.20
ICSE 93.43
Viswa-Bharathi 98.33
AMU Board 87.25
IB Board (**) 44.00
  • (#)    % Marks = [Total marks obtained * 100] / Maximum possible marks
  • (**) Grade Point
  • For OBC (non-creamy) a 5% relaxation of the DST cut-off is tenable.
  • For SC/ST the cut-off is 60% in Class XII for all boards.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

KVPY Questions & Solutions

Here, we brings you some useful resources for students who are preparing for KVPY exam.
Here we have the questions & solutions of KVPY stream SA & SB / SX of year 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010. 
Here are KVPY questions papers of some year & it's answer key with solutions.
stream SA : Students enrolled in class XI in the current year

Questions of STREAM SA

KVPY Question Paper (year)  Answers key with Solutions

KVPY SA Question Paper 2007

      KVPY SA Solutions 2007

KVPY SA Question Paper 2008

      KVPY SA Solutions 2008

KVPY SA Question Paper 2009

      KVPY SA Solutions 2009

KVPY SA Question Paper 2010
Part 1
Part 2

      KVPY SA Solutions 2010

Stream SX : Students enrolled in class XII in the current year
Stream SB : Students enrolled in 1st year B. Sc./B.S./Int. M.Sc in the current year

Questions of STREAM SB/SX
KVPY Question Paper (year)  Answers key with Solutions

KVPY SB/SX Question Paper 2007

     KVPY SB/SX Solutions 2007

KVPY SB/SX Question Paper 2008

     KVPY SB/SX Solutions 2008

KVPY SB/SX Question Paper 2009

     KVPY SB/SX Solutions 2009

KVPY SA Question Paper 2010

     KVPY SB/SX Solutions 2010

Saturday, September 3, 2011

IISER: 2010 Aptitude Test Questions

 In the IISER Aptitude test the questions are not published. All the candidates have to return the question papers along with the answer script. So the possibility to get the questions of the original test is less.
However, here are few questions.

For all the below questions 4 options were provided where single answer is correct.

1.) What is the period oscillation of pendulum in a rocket which is moving with an acceleration 'g'?

2.) Name the compound which shows both Frenkel & Schottky defect?
A: AgBr

3.) Which is the national park associated with Rhinoceros?

4.) The time to cool a a body from 67o C to 37o C is 't' at 37o C . Then what is the time required for the above cooling at 7 o C?